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Parts of the house
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Englisch Wortschatz lernen- SCHWIERICHKEIT 1

Way to be Parts of the house Conjugate the present tense of the verb sein - to be The work - vocabulary
The work 2 - Verbs The bathroom The kitchen The first-aid kit
Injuries and diseases - substantives The family The health Parts of the face
Land animals Transport ways Professions 2 Professions 1
The police The beach Frofessions 3 The sport
Criminals Professions 3 Cardinal Numbers 1-30 Free time
Normal life activities Insects Sea animals Fruits & vegetables
The restaurant Human actions Days, months and seasons Movement verbs
If you have an accident Verbs to communicate Way to be 2 Geography
Feelings & emotions By the dentist By the dentist - verbs Raw materials
Electrical appliances Cardinal Numbers 20-100 The hotel The garments
The office The army 1 The army 2

Englisch Wortschatz lernen- SCHWIERICHKEIT 2

Way to be II
Parts of the house II Parts of the body II The work - vocabulary II The work 2 - Verbs II
The bathroom II The kitchen II The garments II The first-aid kit II
Injuries and diseases - substantives II The members of the family II The hotel II The health II
Parts of the face II The office II Land animals II Transport ways II
Professions 2 II Professions 1 II The police II The beach II
Frofessions 3 II The army 1 II The sport II Criminals II
The army 2 II Professions 3 II Cardinal Numbers 1-30 II Free time II
Normal life activities II Insects II Sea animals II Fruits & vegetables II
The restaurant II Human actions II Days, months and seasons II Movement verbs II
Learning verbs II If you have an accident II Verbs to communicate II Way to be 2 II
Geography II Feelings & emotions II By the dentist - substantives II By the dentist - verbs II
Raw materials & minerals II Electrical appliances II Cardinal Numbers 20-100 II

Englisch Wortschatz lernen- SCHWIERICHKEIT 3

Parts of the house III
Days, months and seasons- Write III Way to be III Parts of the body III The work - vocabulary III
The work - verbs III The bathroom III The kitchen III The garments III
The first-aid kit III Common injuries and physical problems III The members of the family III The hotel III
The health III Parts of the face III The office III Land animals III
Transport ways III Frofessions III III Professions I III The police III
The beach III Frofessions IV III The army III The sport III
Criminals III The army III III Cardinal Numbers 1-30 III Free time III
Normal life activities III Insects III Sea animals III Fruits & vegetables III
The restaurant III Human actions III Days, months and seasons III Movement verbs III
Learning verbs III If you have an accident III Communicate with other people III Way to be 2 III
Geography III Feelings & emotions III By the dentist III By the dentist - verbs III
Raw materials & minerals III Electrical appliances III Cardinal Numbers 20-100- Write III

Englisch Wortschatz lernen- SCHWIERICHKEIT 4

Days, months and seasons- Write IV
Way to be IV Parts of the house IV Parts of the body IV The work - vocabulary IV
The work - verbs IV The bathroom IV The kitchen IV The garments IV
The first-aid kit IV Common injuries and physical problems IV The members of the family IV The hotel IV
The health IV Parts of the face IV The office IV Land animals IV
Transport ways IV Frofessions III IV Professions 1 IV The police IV
The beach IV Frofessions 3 IV The army IV The sport IV
Criminals IV The army III IV Jobs IV IV Cardinal Numbers 1-30 IV
Free time IV Normal life activities IV Insects IV Sea animals IV
Fruits & vegetables IV The restaurant IV Human actions IV Days, months and seasons IV
Movement verbs IV Learning verbs IV If you have an accident IV Communicate with other people IV
Way to be 2 IV Geography IV Feelings & emotions IV By the dentist IV
By the dentist - verbs IV Raw materials & minerals IV Electrical appliances IV Cardinal Numbers 20-100- Write IV